Ziggy's Home Improvement - Bath

18 in. Palmyra Push Broom

Product Description

Palmyra 18 in.   Push Broom with 60 in.   Wood Handle make cleaning up the shop easy for smooth sweeping.  

  •  Push broom
  •  Palmyra fill
  •  Hardwood handle
  •  4" trim
  •  60" handle


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Basic Information
Product ID: 164340
UPC Code: 025881099813
Model: 71071
Package: 1 EACH

Northpointe: 4
Spokane Valley: 0
Hayden: 4
Post Falls: 6
Moses Lake: 2
Lewiston: 5

Color: Saddle Brown
Weight: 4.33 Ounces
Dimensions: 2.6 X 4.8 X 60 inches

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