Pole Buildings

What will you use your building for?

The Ziggy's Home Improvement specialists will partner with you to create your building today!
Experience the convenience and ease of working with Ziggy's Home Improvement...offering residential (garage and shop styles) and agricultural structures (barns, roof-only styles, and machine sheds), customized for your needs. Our pole constructions are designed to fit your specific plans, wishes, and storage dreams!

Garages & Shops

Residential pole buildings have become vogue in the past few years! Why? Pole building garages, or storage spaces, now have the look and feel of a modern living space! And, they are great!!!
Residential pole buildings were traditionally plain and boring in design - not anymore! The Ziggy's experts can help you customize any look you want for your next garage or shop!

Barns, Roof-Only Structures, & Machine Sheds

Every farm has them, the signature farm storage building, to store all of the equipment that makes your farm successful. If your current equipment storage buildings are on their last legs, or you just need something larger, the Ziggy's experts are here to help.
The Team at Ziggy's knows you cannot afford to keep your brand-new machinery in old farm buildings, that allow elements to wreak havoc on your equipment. The Ziggy's family has been farming their whole lives, and they understand your need for affordable farm storage, made with the highest-quality materials. Our Ziggy's experts can help you with a custom layout that meets your needs.


Thanks to our partners over at Miramac Metals, we offer a vast array of color options for you to choose from for your new pole building...from an aged rustic rust look, to more contemporary colors.


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